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"Perfect - when used as a noun, should always bring to mind the context of creation, where we imperfect beings can choose to refine our nature toward perfection... When thinking of the day to day content of life, the better use is as a verb. What is truly perfect is the gift of this life in which we have the opportunity to perfect."

Dr. Glen Swartwout

Founder, Achievement of Excellence Research Academy International

Established 1988

Healing is Foundational for Success in Life

The purpose of healing the body is to free the mind to engage in greater opportunities. As the reach of one's challenges expand, so too does the soul... 

Healing is Spiritual Growth

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Excellence is a Journey...

Achieving Excellence is as much an interior process as it is an outward reaching of the soul for the creation of meaning. Your trajectory is set by the powerful alignment of the engine of your will with the aspirations of your heart. The spiritual vision of your imagination is your map to guide you, and your presence in the real-time vision of your bio-body suit is essential to guide you through the shoals and around the whirlpools of reality. Without the map and the plan, no journey begins... and without presence throughout, no journey succeeds. The map is not the terrain, but it is essential to your navigation. Central to a successful journey is to start by knowing who you are, where you are, and why you are here... 

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